Charting New Territories in Kinase Drug Discovery


Confluence created the KINect™ Technology Platform to accelerate the identification of drug candidates targeting active-site cysteine-containing kinases – a vast uncharted space for improved therapeutics. Central to the platform is Confluence’s novel, thiol-directed chemical library of protein kinase inhibitors, which has been successfully utilized in multiple drug discovery programs.

Platform advantages include:

  • Provides comprehensive chemogenomic approach to >300 kinase targets for interrogating Type 1 active-, Type 2 DFG out-, and expanding to include Type 1.5 C-helix out-conformations.
  • Generates covalent inhibitors that overcome selectivity and biochemical inefficiency issues faced by other approaches.
  • Achieves novel drug discovery in a fraction of the time of traditional approaches – 5 months from project start to filing 1st patent applications for both TAK1 and ITK programs.